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Your questions about St Mungo's Broadway online shop answered

St Mungo's Broadway online shop offers a new range of quirky and memorable charity gifts. And the great thing is, each one you buy helps to fund our work opening doors to homeless and vulnerable people in London and the South.

About St Mungo's Broadway gifts

What is a St Mungo's Broadway gift?
St Mungo's Broadway gifts are ethical gifts you can buy for a friend, a relative or a loved one. The money you spend on a gift goes directly towards supporting the vital work St Mungo's Broadway carries out with homeless and vulnerable people. The gifts displayed show a number of thoughtful ways in which your generosity can make a real difference. Simply choose a gift and we'll send you a card with the gifts details inside, which you can give your friends or family. St Mungo's Broadway always tries to persuade central and local government to fund a comprehensive service. Your gift is vital to complement that funding.

Where does the money go?
The gifts listed are illustrations of the diverse ways in which St Mungo's Broadway spends the money donated by supporters to help homeless people. All contributions will be spent on our services for homeless people and St Mungo's Broadway will use your donation in the most practical and urgent way.

When will my gifts be delivered?
As soon as it is received, we will process your order and send a gift card and voucher to you.

Can I Gift Aid my donation?
Yes, you can, if you are a UK taxpayer. You can Gift Aid your donation as you complete the payment page on the site. Alternatively, you can make a Gift Aid declaration through the post.

What does the recipient receive?
You will be sent card with the gift details inside, which you can give to friends or family.

How does the recipient receive their gift card?
The card is sent to you so you can pass it on.

About your purchase

How do I contact someone to talk about my purchase?
Please contact St Mungo's Broadway by filling out the contact us form or email us at and we'll be happy to help.

How much money goes on administration?
81p out of every £1 of our overall income from voluntary and statutory sources goes towards supporting homeless people. The rest goes towards recruiting new supporters, investing in raising more money to help homeless people and management, information and administration.

Want to comment on your experience?
We are really interested to hear any of your comments on the site and how we can improve our service to you. Please contact or fill out the contact us form.

About St Mungo's Broadway

What does St Mungo's Broadway do?
We're one of Britain's largest charities supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We provide a bed, warm room and so much more to thousands of people in London and across the South - from hostels to semi-independent flats, from psychotherapy services to peer support, from life-skills to job opportunities.

Each night we provide supportive housing for around 2,000 people and manage more than 200 housing, health and work projects across London and the South.

For more information about the work we do visit St Mungo's Broadway website.

Where does St Mungo's Broadway work?
St Mungo's Broadway has over 200 projects throughout London and the south.

What do I do if I am homeless?
Visit the St Mungo's Broadway website and read our advice on what to do if you are homeless.

How else can I support St Mungo's Broadway?
There are many other ways you can support our work with homeless people from making a regular donation to taking part in one of our fundraising events. Visit the St Mungo's Broadway website to find out more.

Can I work for/volunteer for St Mungo's Broadway?
St Mungo's Broadway staff and volunteers are characterised by their compassion, integrity, professionalism and commitment. If you would like to join us at St Mungo's Broadway please check our current vacancies and volunteering pages on our website.

General enquiries

Can't find the answer to your question?
Fill in the contact us form or send us an email your question to

Unsatisfied with your service?
Please let us know if you are not happy with your service. Fill in the contact us form or email us at